Antonio Churice is cool and willing if he chooses to move

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Antonio Churice is cool and willing if he chooses to move. West Ham forward Mikhail Antonio has hailed Declan Rice as one of the Premier League’s best players. current england Ready to support the decision whether to stay with the ufabet team or move on.

         The 23-year-old recently turned down an offer of a new contract at the club seeking to tie him up to eight years, fueling the surge of speculation about a move ahead of the summer.

         Antonio, who has been involved with the younger players since his academy days, is now regarded as one of the best in the league. Ready to help whether you are with the team or moving the team away.

         “Deck isn’t even close to his best, he’s unbelievable. What I see every day in training He has a lot to do. There is a lot to learn,” Antonio told Sky Sports. 

         “But with what he’s doing right now. He has already elevated himself to one of the best players in the Premier League.”

         “Whatever Dec wants to do. I will be happy to go with him I love him as a player. I love him as a person. So his decision will be his in the end.”