Ufa Football Betting Techniques

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ufa to pass if both teams score Pass in the event of a score of 0 to 0 or the victory of one of the teams with a clean sheet. to equality with progress. The essence of the strategy is to choose a team, the amount of bets that the players will increase by 2 times after each loss until the match ends in a draw. Not for the impulsive

as it does not produce any immediate profits. in order not to waste a lot. It is important to choose the right team by analyzing past match stats, TB/TM based on averages, a simple strategy for beginners using statistic analysis of approximate equal teams. And simple calculations for analysis You have to organize one season. and one tournament The steps are as follows ufabet.

Determine the number of doors accept. And score a goal by the home team on your field combined to determine the total of the Home Club. Do the same for away guests. By determining the average total for them plus the minimum average of 2 goals scored and conceded by the team. To create an estimate minimum goal in the competition by comparison Set an estimated maximum goal in upcoming games.

Finding the sum of the values ​​calculate at points 3 and 4, divide by 2. And use the bet selection result. If the value is equal to or greater than 2.7. It is recommend to bet on TB (2.5), 2.3-2.7. Any bets on meetings less than 2.3 TM (2.5) are not recommend. Kelly’s Strategy The size of the bets is calculate by the multiplying coefficient formula. The predicted probability of the message as a percentage from 0 to 100.

 ufa system

Divided by the same factor but reduced by 1, multiplies the result by the amount the bettor has allocated for this bet. The principle of the strategy is to maintain your initial capital even if you lose several times in a row. The probability of losing the pot at a factor of 2 is almost zero even in the event of 10 unsuccessful bets. Determined by the number of events in the parlay and in the ufa system

For example 3 in 6 system – 6 events and each accumulator has 3 events, if you bet 2 out of 5 on a tie using this system bet 1000then in case of 3 fights in a draw. The net profit will be approximately 2000. The average calculation looks like this: 1,000 for 10 Quick = 100 for Quick.

Because in the quick bet The odds are multiply. Then pass three and average odds of 3.2 as an example to simplify the calculations. We get one match 3.2 * 3.2 * 100 = 1024 there are 3 matches in the draw. So the total winning amount will be 1024 * 3 = 3072 Net profit 3072 – 1000 = 2072